Sunday, March 4, 2012

Learning is a blessing of excitement for me, not only in learning new things myself but in figuring out how we learn, how we can have more fun learning, and how I can help others to learn.  

As a librarian and library consultant I have had the pleasure of helping others to find information, sharing how I and others have done things and, best of all, encouraging others to be creative in how they learn and apply what they learn.   If it isn't fun and engaging and exciting, what's the point?

It is said that the teacher will come when needed and since I have decided that I'd like to turn my life work toward helping others to play in what they wish to know how to do--because when you are playing you are learning--I am meeting others, stumbling onto webinars and classes, finding resources, and exploding with ideas for how I might provide some guidance--a compass for learning whatever it is you want to learn.  For some I might become a coach of sorts, your own compass for what you specifically want to learn--in your own sandbox.

Please join me on the adventure, and share your maps and postcards and ideas.